Due to a lack of participants, we have chosen to cancel this tournament.  We will be contacting registrants shortly to arrange the refund of REGISTRATION fees.  If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to

The Ethos Tournament will be a fun, affordable tournament that fosters an ongoing conversation about Spirit of the Game.  Unlike other spirit tournaments we are asking players to play their “A” game, and compete to win, but also be willing to explore Spirit of the Game while playing.  Our desire that every player be part an amazing team experience and leave with new insights into Spirit.

  • Logistics:
    • Saturday May 13:  8:30am – 2:30pm at Vancouver Technical School Turf Field.  
    • Sunday May 14:    10am-4pm at Memorial South West Turf Field.
  • Format: 5 on 5 BULA rules adapted for field play.
  • Teams: selected by hat with each team having a playing spirit mentor.
  • Spirit Mentors: players who assist with the formation of the team,  and foster the Spirit of the Game conversation.
  • Pregame: Players will be asked to play within a specific distinction of Spirit of the Game.  For example a Spirit Mentor may instruct their team: “Team: for this entire game each of us act as if there is a group of toddlers watching for the sole purpose of learning what RESPECT means”.
  • During the game: Players –as best they can – play within the particular spirit distinction defined.
  • Following the game: Each team will huddle briefly to complete the spirit distinction, prepare for the Spirit Circle activity and chose a Team Speaker. Teams will then get together for the Spirit Circle activity.
  • Spirit Scores:  Each team will submit a spirit score sheet (Spirit Score Sheet Example).
  • Cost: $20 Single, $36 Dynamic-Duo (1 female minimum), $48 Speed-Triple (1 female minimum)